Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Alternative Aspect's SmallBusinessSite

Alternative Aspect is happy to announce that our SmallBusinessSites are available and ready for your business. With a very simple approach, and extremely cost effective method, we have made the process of getting your own website as easy as ordering a pizza!

You may have considered your own site in the past, and maybe you were overwhelmed by the options available, or the price tag associated with your custom site. Maybe you have even tried to create your own site, or asked a friend for help. Well, there's a good chance that it wasn't a very positive experience.

At Alternative Aspect, we believe you deserve an alternative. We have found your solution! We have designed our own standard template, reduced hosting costs to a minimum, and set up a process to get you online as quickly as possible. 

Alternative Aspect's SmallBusinessSite is meant to be simple, clear, and useful!

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