Friday, September 10, 2010

Email server upgrades

We are making some improvements to our incoming mail servers that we'd like to tell you about.

The result will be more checks identifying what is spam and what isn't before it gets to your mailboxes.

At this stage, we have scheduled our incoming mail upgrade to take place on Tuesday, September 14th.
The main impact your users may notice is that they will receive a lot less spam to their spam folder. This is normal. Because of the precision of these additional filters, we can stop most spam at the gateway level, rather than letting it make its way into mailboxes. As a result, less spam gets delivered to the spam folder.

The initial response may be linking less spam to there being some sort of system error. We can assure you though that less spam is only a good thing and that our systems are working correctly.

We are also looking into future upgrades that will include message archiving, email encryption, email continuity and advanced policy control. 

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